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          Each week we want to highlight what’s going on here @ Paoli One more lesson from Jonah… One man was sent to preach to a Gentile city. What could he do? One small congregation nestled in the hills of Southern Indiana, what could they do? Check out the number of online viewers here at Paoli. Views are in the hundreds each week, with one week reaching one thousand. It’s not what circumstances make us, but what we make of the circumstances. Kids anxious to see each other, members spending time visiting after services remind us of a bond even a virus cannot break. Taking advantage of Wednesday night Bible study and for some, Sunday morning online services help keep us connected. Thank you everyone who helps maintain that bond. We might think “wow, no Sunday evening worship, I can go do what I want,” then the realization sets in of what we miss… time spent with each other in worship, fellowship together, growing together. What we miss is far greater than what we might gain from not being there. Yes, what you and I do is important, we do make a difference. Please continue making that difference each week, (please see bulletin for opportunities to serve).

          Our weekly Bible question is taken from the Wednesday night adult class. What was your greatest takeaway from Wednesday night’s lesson?

          Please don’t forget “Members In Need.” This program was set up that we might better care for our own members. So, when you know of a need of one of our members, please contact Lee who is our contact person for the time being.  When you have something to share with the congregation, please let me know. You may email me @ bhounshell@svalley.k12.in.us or you may call or text @ 1/812/653/3139. REMEMBER… KEEP PRAYING, KEEP WORKING, AND KEEP LOOKING UPWARD. It will all be worth it one day.

Essentials List:

Masks                   soap                      body wash                          face wash

Deodorant          shampoo             conditioner                         toothbrush

Toothpaste         dental floss         body wipes                         comb

Hair ties                lotion                    athlete’s foot cream        nail files

Feminine hygiene items

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Knock, Knock

 Revelation 3:20
20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.

Knock, knock.  Who is there?  It is even in knock, knock jokes - you want to know who is on the other side of the door.  In life, after we find out who is on the other side of the door, we must decide to open the door or not.  If it is your brother or sister, and your parents aren’t home, you might want to leave them outside for a while.

We get this image that Jesus is standing outside everyone’s door.  He announces that He is standing there.  He is now waiting on something.  He has made Himself available to everyone, and He’s waiting on you to make the next move.  Some will see Him standing there and will ignore Him while they go out the door continuing in their daily routine.  They might even be glad He is around, but they aren’t about to change anything for Him.  They know what He represents and demands.

Some might decide to use the back door.  That way, they won’t have to face Him.  They might feel ashamed of their life.  Some want Him to go away and not bother them.  Everyone is different, but there is one reason He is waiting.  He is longing to hear someone say, “Come into my life”.

Accepting Jesus and putting Him on in baptism is all He wants.  This image of the door shows that Jesus did all He could do, and the rest is up to us.  We get to choose what we do with Jesus.  He is standing there knocking.  The next move is yours.
Gary D.

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Let the Son Shine In

The Powerful Word of God

 “Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.” – Dr. Seuss. If you ask my wife about the above quote, she will say that I have taken it to heart. I do love books. Because I like books so much, I tend to collect them. I have many books, so many, in fact, that just a few months ago, I had to get rid of some.  That was only because there were others that I wanted to obtain and had to make room for the new ones.

Books are works of art. The written word is powerful. Words written in a unique way move us, and evoke emotions from us. Many of us have books that line our shelves. There is a book, however, that will stand above all others. You know which one I am going to say - yes, it is the Bible, the Word of God. I hope this special book does not get put into the same category in our minds as the rest of our books. This book is unique, and it must reside in a special place in our hearts and minds. 

As great and wonderful, and even powerful, as human authors can be, no one book has done more for humankind than the Bible. Not another book on the planet is as powerful as the Bible. It is not a book that is to be read and then discarded. It is a book that is written to challenge our thinking and move our lives. It is a book that must be studied, and studied continually. It is a book written for the purpose of changing lives.

The Bible does not just entertain the reader or even just inform the reader. It is written to move the very heart of the reader. It has the ability to do such a thing because it is a book that is not written by mortal minds. What we must keep in mind about the Bible is that it is written by God Himself. God used human writers - that is true. These are inspired people to bring the story of us. It is a book that informs us where we have come from, and more importantly, where we are going. It is a book that will reveal to us the mind of God in ways we can understand. It is a book that will reveal to us the heart of God. 

The Bible is a book that shows us the love of God and why we need to have that love.  Through the pages of God’s Word, we are taught about the morality and ethics of God. God’s morality and ethics are part of what makes Him who He is.   When we go against that perfect standard of God, we are living in ways contrary to His character. Going against the righteousness of God in this way is sin, and it is a deal-breaker for us with God. If we are going to live with God, we must be perfect, living perfectly according to His standard.

The bad news is, we have failed. We have sinned. We cannot live perfectly in an imperfect world. The good news is that God has extended His love to us. He has given us mercy through Jesus Christ. With the sacrifice of Jesus upon us, we are free from sin. With the blood of Jesus on us, we are seen as perfect by God. The Plan of Salvation is shown to us through God’s Word. We see Jesus throughout the story, from Old Testament to New Testament, and we know that no human could have, or would have, written such a thing. The prophecies that come true are too numerous to be good guesses; this is God at work. He is telling His human authors what to write, and they follow His commandment to write what He says.

The Bible is not just a book. It is our guide for living and worship. The Bible is truly God’s Word, and we can study it and let it move us into being His people. Many great authors have written what we would call masterpieces. Words that tell such stories in such ways that they stand the test of time. However, no author, no book, no words, are more meaningful and more important to us than those found in the Holy Book!Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is just any ole book. Do not even make the mistake of putting it in the same as those classic masterpieces. The Bible is so much more! It must be read with reverence and sincerity of heart. It must be seen in ways that we do not see other works of the written word. It is a life-changing, mind-changing, heart-changing book - changing us for the better. It gets us through this life in the best possible way, and getting us to God when this life is over. What a blessing to have access to such a work as the Bible! It is given to us by God to use, to study, to follow, and to teach so that we can bring people to Him. God is great and good to us, and we know He is all of that through the pages of His Word. What a shame to have something so special and so perfect, and then leave it on the shelf, ignored and forgotten. Take it down off the shelf, and let it speak to you. It is the Word of God; it can be nothing but POWERFUL!