A little different road. How often have we taken the same path or road, reach our destination, and never think about the journey? Sometimes, when coming home from school, I will take a different route just to see something different.

After some thought and discussion, it was decided that Sonshine would begin taking a little different path. Don’t worry, Paoli will continue doing all the things that make the congregation here such a special place. You will still find reminders here in the bulletin for opportunities to let your light shine. Each week, Sonshine will begin focusing on a different area, whether it is local or perhaps in another state. Evangelistic outreach, missions, Bible classes, activities for our youth, whatever it is, we want everyone to know what a special place Paoli is. This week we will focus on Potter Children’s Home located in Bowling Green Ky. Potter has served the needs of children who don’t have the luxury of living in a stable home for more than 100 years. You may learn more about Potters by using the internet address below:


For as long as I can remember, Paoli had helped support this work in various ways. Potter is scheduled to do a commodity pick-up in early March; you can find a list of items requested here in the bulletin. When you look over in the corner of the front foyer, you will see that the supply pile is growing. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to this good work. I have a change can from Potter where I empty my pockets of spare change; that little container easily holds $100 or more, and it's never missed. The fun part is, after you return the can and start on another one. you will get a receipt for the amount and a nice “Thank you” from Potters.  Empty cans are available here at the building so be sure and pick one up and put your spare change to good use. Don’t forget to invite someone to services this week, the Sunday morning stream is a great way to share the gospel.

 Until next time…REMEMBER… KEEP PRAYING, KEEP WORKING, AND KEEP LOOKING UPWARD. It will all be worth it one day. 

Essentials List:

Girls’ underwear sizes s-l
Boys’ and girls’ socks


Collins' Commentary

Paoli Church of Christ | 219 Stucker Street, Paoli, IN, United States 

Don’t Lie to God

 Acts 5:3-4
 3 But Peter said, “Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and keep back part of the price of the land for yourself? 4 While it remained, was it not your own? And after it was sold, was it not in your own control? Why have you conceived this thing in your heart? You have not lied to men but to God.”

This is a story we should be familiar with.  Chapter 4 ends with the telling of how Barnabas had land and sold it and gave the money to the apostles - showing the good heart and actions of Barnabas.  Verse one starts off with “But a certain man…”

Ananias and his wife Sapphira might have witnessed the good deed of Barnabas.  They might even have had good intentions when they sold their land.  Somewhere along the way, they came up with a plan to make themselves look better.  They were not about giving God the glory from which they had been blessed.  They were not concerned about the good deed in sharing this profit with others.

They wanted to impress upon the apostles how generous they were.   They wanted others to believe that they were giving all their property money to help others.  If you notice, when you read these verses of the story, we are never told how much money they sold the land for or how much money they kept back.

The focus is where God wanted it to be.  The focus was on lying to the apostles and God.  That is what was wrong.  Lying is never a good thing.  Unfortunately, some people lie to God all the time.  We want others to think we love God, but we don’t truly put Him first in our life.  We don’t live the way He asks us to.  Loving God means obeying Him.  Love God and do what is right!

Love The Ones Hard to Love

 In His great lesson, The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus will cover most, if not all, of the aspects of Christian Living. It is not surprising Jesus will teach about love in this lesson. Neither is it surprising that Jesus will teach about this subject in a way that pushes the limits on what we have already learned.

Out of all the lessons that the world teaches us, it may be the lesson on love that we get first and the one that has the most impact on us. We get this lesson so well that we are reluctant to let go of our ideas about it to do as Jesus teaches here. It is a natural thing for us to love those who love us. Jesus will point out, that the world looks at love in that way. It is not hard to love those who love us. We are expected to do so.

Jesus, as He teaches us to live His way, is teaching us that, as His disciples, we are supposed to be different than the world. We must see the world differently and act differently. As the followers of Christ, we are different because Jesus is different. As the disciples of Christ, we look at the world the way He does. Not only will our view of the world change as we follow Christ, but how we interact within it will also change.

One of the lessons that Jesus will teach us is that we must be proactive in our lives and not reactive. Jesus will teach us here that one of the ways to live this proactive life is to love those who are hard to love. Loving people who love us first is a reactive way to love. We see the love people show to us, and we respond to those actions in like kind. We are taught early on to love in this way. As parents show their love for us, as children, we see that love, and we love them back.

Now, understand that Jesus is not saying this kind of reactive love is wrong. We need that kind of love. We even start our love for God in the same way. We see the love He has for us in the plan of salvation and what He gives to us, and we respond to His love. The more we see and learn about the love God has for us, the more we love Him in return. While loving reactively has its place, it is not the only kind of love that we must have. We need to learn to love in a different way also. We must learn to love proactively.

Loving in this way is how God loves us. In His lesson on love (Matthew 5:43-48), Jesus will teach us we need to love as God loves. He loved us before we saw what He did for us and understood God's love for us. He loved us before we loved Him. He loved us before we were lovable. God does not love in a reactive way; His love is proactive.

Jesus loves in the same way. He did what He did for us, going to the cross before we knew the love shown to us in that action. Now Jesus will tell us that we must love in the same way. Loving in a proactive way is a way for us to show love first. Do not wait for someone to show you love before you show them. Be the one that starts the process. Do not wait until someone else makes a move toward restoration in a relationship. If we love like Jesus loves, we will make the first move. It is this kind of proactive thought that will move us to strike up a conversation with some at church rather than wait for them to move first. We will love and show love to those who have not yet shown us love. We will love those who even do not love us in return.

It is easy to love people who love us. However, Jesus will say that this is the way the world loves. To be my disciple, He says, we must love in a different way. We must love in a proactive way. To make that jump in our love for others from reactive to proactive, we must see the world as Jesus sees the world. It is easy to justify not loving people who do not love us. It is easy to justify not loving our enemies. The world will say, "They do not like me, therefore, I will not like them."

Jesus tells us there is another way, His way. It is not easier. In fact, it is harder. To love like Jesus will take thinking on our part. To love as Jesus loves will take thought and intention, as do the other aspects of living life proactively. While loving those who love us has its place, we must elevate our sense of love to a higher level. We must take control of that feeling and elevate it to the standard Jesus teaches. Our love for others must not rely on what others do to us. It must show up even when it is not shown to us.

In His lesson on the mount, Jesus teaches us that we are in control of what we do, and that means we are in control of how we love - and it is our responsibility to use it in the right way. I have heard people who claim to be followers of Christ say that they cannot express love to someone because of how they have been treated. To live in this way is to live in a way that will allow someone else to dictate what we do, how we act, and even how we feel.

Jesus teaches us that we must be above that way of life. We are not supposed to let the world set the standard by which we live, we, the people of God, are supposed to set those standards for the world. Too many times, we have let the opposite happen, and then we justify the actions. Jesus teaches about loving others so we can set our minds to love as Jesus loved.

Make up your mind that you will love and show love, no matter what happens. Is it an easy thing to do? Certainly not, but worthwhile actions seldom are easy - but they are always right. To live in the steps of Jesus, we must learn to love like Jesus loved. It takes willpower because we have to overcome the teaching we have learned early on in life. Loving like Jesus will mean changes for us, and we know that changes are never easy. However, following Jesus is the best thing for us and for those who are around us. Love those who are easy to love, and love those who are hard to love. It will make a difference.

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