Help with All Your Ability

 Mark 6:42-44
42 So they all ate and were filled. 43 And they took up twelve baskets full of fragments and of the fish. 44 Now those who had eaten the loaves were about five thousand men.

We have another example of the love of Christ.  We can see the passion He has for everyone.  He especially cares for those who show an interest in Him. Once again, we can learn a couple examples of what we are to do as we study the scriptures.  Sometimes the lesson looks like an obvious lesson.  When we think about and study it more, other answers come to light.

With the feeding of the 5,000, it seems that we should feed the hungry.  That’s always a good thing to do.  Does Jesus want us to take care of the needs of others?  I think Jesus wants us to do what we can do and still take care of those we love.  In the story, the apostles are worried about how much money it will take to feed this many people.  They knew they couldn’t afford to do that.  Sometimes we look and see the impossible, and that keeps us from doing what we can do.

The apostles did not see what they were capable of with the help of Jesus.  I might not be able to feed every hungry person in town, county, and state, but I can do something.  Jesus was able to feed so many people without it interfering with providing for His loved ones, the apostles. 

As a father, I am responsible for my family and doing the will of God.  God expects me to find the balance in providing for my family and helping others.  I would love to be able to perform miracles and help thousands of people every day.  I do not have that power or the money to help so many people.  I do have the power and money to provide for my loved ones and help some.  We need to make sure we don’t forget to help others with all our ability.  Every example of love helps.

Gary D.

Who is Mother?

     We have, and have had, many relationships in our lives. We have had friends, good friends even, that have come into our lives, but because of space, time, and life, we have drifted from them. Life has taken us in different ways. It brought us to other places and circumstances, and even those friendships we thought would never fade do. People become memories, and relationships move on to new friends.
     While we remain friends with people, the pressures of life and decisions made in life take us away from them, and those relationships were not what they were once. That is just life. People come in and out of our lives. Some relationships stand the test of time, however, and most of the time, those are the relationships we have with our families. Those family ties are strong, and even though life will take us away from family, we still work on keeping those family relationships. They are important to us and mean more to us. Those family ties are strong with us, and we need them, and we want to keep them strong. They are vital to us, and one of the most important to us is the relationship we have with Mom.
     It is true, (and I get the idea that I am committing a cardinal writing sin) I am writing with bias. I am writing from my own perspective about Mother. I know, and I am perfectly aware, that many do not share this unique Mother/Child bond. Mothers are human, and as humans, they are different. Mothers are not all alike, and some are just better at being a mother than others. I know, I get it, and if your relationship with your mother is not a good one, I am genuinely sorry, and my heart goes out to you. I will be the first to tell you that the Lord has blessed me in many ways, and He may have blessed you the same as He has me.
     One of the blessings that I have in my life is the blessing of a good mother. I will have to say that I have had one of the best. She is a mother who knows what it is to be a mother. So, much of what I say here in this article comes from that perspective of motherhood.
     Although I am blessed with a great mother, and I am writing from that view, we can all relate to what it takes to be a good mother. If you think you do not have a great mother (and you can make that judgment), then you must have a picture of what that mother should be.  The idea of the great mother is there in your mind.
     Throughout the Word of God, we are shown good mothers. A picture for us starts to form. We see the loyalty that Ruth has to Naomi. Ruth did not blindly give that loyalty to her; Naomi earned that loyalty from Ruth. She may have been Ruth’s mother-in-law, but to her, she was just Mother. She gave those great words, “Where you go, I will go…” (Ruth 1:16).
     We see the commitment in the Mother of Jesus. Knowing whom she carried in her womb, Mary was still determined to be His mother and, later, His disciple. We see the love that Jesus had for her. In His dying breaths, Jesus made sure that His mother was taken care of by another one of His disciples. We see this interaction with Jesus and His mother in John 19 verses 25-17, “When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.”
     There are so many places where motherhood is brought out and brought to our attention. Through these examples and more, God teaches us what a mother should be.  So many women have gotten those lessons, and we, as their children, are blessed because of them.
     Good mothers will shape the lives of their children. They will influence their children on how they approach life and how they deal with living in the world. Good mothers will teach their children by the way they live life. (Proverbs 31). Good mothers will give their children the tools they need to find their way through this life and into the next. Certainly, the children must use the tools provided and make that journey to God, but good mothers show them how that is done. As Paul writes to Timothy, he brings up the spiritual teaching that Timothy had received from his mother and grandmother. (2Timothy 1:5).
     Good mothers will put the welfare of their children first. They want what is best for their children. They know that children need tools to navigate this life, and they need tools to get to God in the life following. Good mothers do what they can to provide those required tools. They do so with love and with passion, sympathy, and compassion.
     More than anything, mothers want for their children to be well and good. They strive to make that happen. If you are blessed with a good mother, you owe them a lot. Be thankful for them. Learn the lessons that good mothers are teaching.Maybe your mother did not teach those good things. I am sorry if that is true. However, you can still learn from good mothers, godly mothers, found in the Word of God. God has given us these accounts to learn from because He wants what good mothers want. He wants us to be well and do good - which means getting to Him when this life is over. Learn from God through the example given to us through good mothers, both the ones we are blessed to have in our lives and the ones He gives through His Word.

Paoli Church of Christ | 219 Stucker Street, Paoli, IN, United States 

Let the Son Shine In

Collins' Commentary


Gary's Teen Talk

I typically don’t comment on Social Media, but a few months ago I came across a singing group I really enjoy listening to. Their singing never grows old and they sing many of the same songs as Paoli sings during worship. I commented that they have been a blessing during COVID. Someone somewhere gave my comment a thumb’s up. I bring that up to remind us that what we do as a congregation is important. Keeping our focus Christ-centered takes many forms.

Have you noticed the large number of paper products collected for Shults-Lewis? They will be coming this week to collect those items. School will soon be over until Fall; however, we can continue collecting for “Essentials” and “Backpacks of Blessings”.

Camp registration is online this year, so get those in before your desired week fills up. Sunday morning kid’s classes have been put on hold for a bit. Adults upstairs are studying I Tim. 2.  If you aren’t attending you are missing a good series of lessons.

Last month 603 individuals visited the church website. Technology has changed the way we do things, I certainly enjoy how it has enhanced our Sunday morning worship. Thank you everyone for your efforts in helping provide this online opportunity.

As I finish this week’s “Sonshine” I have probably listened to a dozen songs by this group, with each one being uplifting. Please keep an eye on each other this week. We are close because of the relationships we share together. Have a great week everyone.


Essentials List:

Face wash                                             Deodorant         

Shampoo for men                             Hair brushes      

Hair conditioner for men               Hair conditioner for women        

Body wipes                                          Nail clippers

Chapstick                                              Mini hand sanitizers