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Jesus Understands!

 Hebrews 2:16-18
16 For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham. 17 Wherefore in all things it behooved him to be made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people. 18 For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted.

I just don’t understand why they did that.  I would never do that.  Have you ever thought this or something similar?  I know sometimes we might not understand why some people act or react to certain things until we are put in a similar situation.  Then we can see or understand the situation a little bit more, and it may make sense as to why they did it.

I think God knows why we do the things we do, but I believe that Jesus understands it a little more.  These early chapters in Hebrew are describing how Jesus is a spiritual body with all wisdom and power.  He was immortal.  He had no beginning or would suffer no end until He came to earth in the form of man.

He became a child of Abraham, or man, to save us and to experience what life on a daily basis is like.  Just like us, Jesus could trip over a root, split his fingernail, or get bit by mosquitos.  He experienced what temptation is like for us.  When fasting for 40 days, the devil tried to tempt him with food by turning the stones into bread.  I think after 2 days of not eating, the devil would have tripped me up with that one.  Jesus felt the hunger pain and overcame the temptation.

Jesus understands all our problems and can explain them to God the Father on our behalf because He loves and understands YOU!

Why We Listen

 Why do we listen to people or read what they write? We will do this, usually, for one of two reasons. We believe they are going to be entertaining, or we believe they have something important to say.

 "Important" to us means that what they have to say will affect ME/YOU in some way. The more something affects us, the more important we believe the subject is.

We will also believe something is important to us and will affect us depending on the person who is delivering the message. For example, if someone, like the President of the United States, makes a speech, we will listen to what he says because we believe that what he says will affect us somehow.

Sometimes, we will miss how important a subject is to us. Something said will affect us significantly, but we do not see it, so we tend to ignore the subject. Those are the times when, hopefully, someone is there to convince us and share with us how important that topic truly is to us. News commentators, for instance, will share the message of the President, convincing us about the importance of the message we heard.

Teachers of God are people who try to convince others about the importance of a message. We do that because we firmly believe that the message from God is the most important message anyone can ever hear. It is the most important message because it will affect us far more than anything else we can listen to or know. It is more important than anything any civil government personality can share with us. When God speaks, we need to listen, and He has spoken to us and continues to speak to us through His Word.

The New Testament writers are those teachers of God's message. They will spend a lot of time convincing people that they need to hear what God says. They will share the importance of God's message and how what we learn from God does not just affect us in this life, but more than that, it affects us forever in the life following this one. This is why the message from God is so vital for us because it affects us forever!

The writer of the Hebrews letter will share this message from God. He will convince his readers that this message must be listened to because no other message will affect us more than this great message.

He will start his argument by claiming that no other person is more noble or as mighty than the One delivering this message from God. Jesus is the messenger and exceeds everyone else.

The Hebrews writer will teach God's message does not come from man. He will show that important people have given messages to us before, and we listened to them. In the Hebrews letter, the writer will use Moses as an example. He was a great leader and a lawgiver, and because Moses was who he was, people listened. Because Moses was sharing a message given to him by angels and prophets, people listened. Because the message that Moses was giving directed people how to live for God, people listened. With all of this being said, the writer will then assert that there is a more important message that we must now heed.

It is more important because the one giving the message is more significant than anyone else. He is higher than Moses, more significant than the Angels. The writer will make the case for us that this message comes to us from God's Son, who has only One higher than He, the Father.

Then, the writer will show us that the message itself is greater than the message from Moses and the Angels. What Jesus has given us is the message of salvation! There is no other message more important than that one. Nothing else affects us forever like this message from Jesus. No other person is better to listen to; no other message is more meaningful.

If we listen to something because it is important to us, and we define that importance because of the way the message affects us, then we have to conclude that no other message in the history of humankind is more important than the message of Jesus Christ. Sure, we can ignore it and miss out on how vital this message is to us here in this life, but there will come that day when we stand before God in Heaven and realize then how important His message is to us.

If we do not listen to this message here and now and make our choice for God, it will be too late to change anything as we stand before Him in judgment. The time to listen is NOW! The time to act is NOW! Do not let this incredibly important message escape your attention. Listen to the message of Jesus and know that it will affect you forever.

As we get settled into 2024, Matt. 5:16 is our new reminder, (Be sure you check it out). As you read Sonshine, you’ll notice things have become more subject-focused. This is to help us focus on various works done by the church here.

Where's Gympie?  Gympie is located in Northeastern Australia with slightly more than 22,000 population. I am sharing this to remind you about the mission work being done there and the support given to Mitchell Rutherford who has been a missionary there for several years. The February newsletter shares about the work there and can be found in the North foyer. The support given to missions goes way back for the congregation here and has always been important. By your generous giving, the Word is being spread to places we would only read about.

We will want to continue to support other local opportunities we can read about here in the bulletin. We will look further at them and the positive effect they have on our community at a later date.

Spring brings several Ladies’ Days at area congregations, so, Ladies, be watching for those.

While we focus on far-away works, please remember to reach out to our shut-ins here at home. They appreciate cards, visits, and phone calls. Sometimes just a quick contact is all it takes to make their day.

The commodity pile for Potter’s continues to grow.  We want to make a good showing when they come for their March pick-up. 

 Until next time…


Essentials Program needs:
Men’s and Women’s Deodorant              

Potters Commodities due March 17th

Olive Oil                 Powdered Sugar
Beef Ramen          Jiffy Mixes (All kinds)